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2010 - Present

Welcome to the collection of some of my client work. Whether it be illustrations, posters, web site banners, or logos, I enjoy bringing my clients' visions to life. If you resonate with my style and approach, I am available for commissioned work. Email me at and we can discuss if I am the right artist for your dream project!

Echo North Illustration & Spot Illustration

This is the work that I have done for published author Joanna Ruth Meyer. She writes beautiful YA fantasy and I have enjoyed creating concepts to make her stories visually come alive.

Beneath The Haunting Sea Illustration & Spot Illustrations
Multiply Your Legacy
Charissa Quade: Biblical Money Mindset Coach

I worked with Charissa Quade (Multiply Your Legacy) to create her branding material for her lifestyle coaching business that helps to inspire women to not fear money and empower them towards creating their own legacy founded in Jesus Christ. These creative materials are an example of the cohesive and elegant branding I could do for you. For Charissa, it was important to express vitality and joy through clean and modern lines.  

Multiply Your Legacy: Banner
Multiply Your Legacy: Bible Verses Postcard Template (Front)
Multiply Your Legacy: Contact Postcard (Front)
Multiply Your Legacy: Becoming A Legacy Builder Postcard
Multiply Your Legacy: Business Card (Front)
Multiply Your Legacy: Bible Verses Postcard Template (Back)
Multiply Your Legacy: Contact Postcard (Back)
Multiply Your Legacy: 13 Bible Verses Postcard
Multiply Your Legacy: Business Card (Back)
Chivalry's Children Illustration

This is an illustrated piece I did for self-published author Alexis P. Johnson and her YA fantasy story, Chivalry's Children. Visit my Publication page to discover more about her exciting story and the work I did to help publish her novel.

Adoration: A Short Film Poster and Illustration

This is the illustrated and design work that I did for Alexis P. Johnson and Colten Dietz and their short film Adoration. A compelling story of a fateful meeting between the two most unlikely of people and what they learn by the encounter.

Marco & Marena: A Short Film Poster and Illustration

This is the illustrated and design work that I did for Alexis P. Johnson for her short film Marco & Marena. It is a charming, heartwarming story of an unlikely couple who have a magical encounter - and it's got mermaids!
I had a lot of fun making these. You can purchase merchandise with my artwork at Phoenician Rises Productions Society6 Shop

Gordo: A Web Series Poster, Logo, Banner, and Spot Illustration
Philos Productions

This is the illustrative work that I've done for Philos Productions and their web series, Gordo. Written and produced by Radcliff Weir and Holli N. Kole, this quirky comedy tells of a young man pursuing his dreams and getting caught up in the antics of his eccentric roommate and the bizarre world of mukbang.

The Guide Illustration
Alexis Johnson, screenwriter

An illustrated piece for Alexis P. Johnson's award winning script, The Guide. It illustrates the beautiful mythos of her world where "fairy godmothers", Divya as they are called, have their complex history and magic system.

Season1Poster copy.jpg
The Sting Chronicles: A Web Series Posters, Illustrations, Logo, and Concept Art
Phoenician Pictures

This YouTube web series regales the adventures of a young man who believes himself endowed with superhero powers after getting bit by a scorpion. A comedy with much heart, this vlog style web series and subsequent short film is one I particularly enjoyed being a part of as it was a labor of love from all involved 

Phoenician Rises Website Banner
Alexis P. Johnson

I designed this logo and website banner for Alexis Johnson's person website and branding image.

Sage Harbinger Website Banner

This illustrated piece I did for singer songwriter, Greg Pajak. You can listen to his melancholy and folksy tunes on SoundCloud: Sage Harbinger.

The Maze Was Not Meant For You

As you might have noticed, I am a fan of a great deal of many things, and Westworld is one of my favorite shows. This concept was a meta poster done in the style reminiscent of the spaghetti westerns from the 60s.
The client for this piece? Myself.

Sundown Poster
Phoenician Pictures

I was so blessed to be a part of this exciting production of Alexis P. Johnson's short film, Sundown. I did a lot of onsite production work, even playing an extra role, which was a really exciting experience. I was very proud of this poster design. Another labor of love from film students and enthusiasts, we had so much fun living in the Old West for a couple of days.

Copyright Danielle Pajak Illustrations

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