This is my first published graphic novel. Based on the Biblical story of 1 Kings 18, it is a story of Elijah, a prophet of God, who confronts the false prophets of his country to battle for the hearts of the Israelite people and to magnify the glory of his Holy God. I deeply resonate with the stories of the Old Testament prophets and the divine and miraculous acts they did in the name of the Lord, and so I wanted to showcase visually the powerful events and their underlying themes. Please feel free to peruse the gallery of images of my graphic novel, which is currently available for purchase on Amazon. I also was interviewed for The Author's Show, which you can listen to as well, where I detail my thoughts and inspirations for ELIJAH.

My Interview: Elijah, A Graphic Novel - The Author's Show
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Troubler of Israel
Prophets of Baal
Brook of Kishon
Not By Bread Alone

This was my first complete concept of my visualization of Elijah.

As you can see, much of my inspiration for this project came from Japanese art and design aesthetic, which consistently influences my approach to visual expression. This particular piece showcases when Elijah, driven into hiding from King Ahab, was fed by God through the ravens by the brook.

Elijah - He Was Not in The Fire

My conceptualizing more of Elijah and his story. He Was Not in The Fire and the piece below, Low Whisper, are from the story of when Elijah, once again on the run from King Ahab, waits to encounter the Lord at the holy mountain Horeb. There is a great wind, an earthquake, and a fire, but God comes to Elijah not in those forms. It is only in the quiet stillness that He communes with Elijah in a low whisper.

Low Whisper
Concept Art for ELIJAH: A Graphic Novel

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