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2012 - Present

The cinematic superhero genre is one that truly inspires me. I love Marvel movies and DC movies a like, although I am partial to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've watched Agents of SHIELD, FX's Legion, and absolutely adored all of Netflix's Defenders series. The stories of these unique and superhuman individuals, the heroes and the villains, become about the existential journey. They are an exploration of identity through the choices that we make - whether good or bad. In this collection I focus on those internal struggles of these powerful, god-like people, and their intrinsic weaknesses which makes them profoundly human.

Black Sky

This is a conceptual illustration of the relationship and story between Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock. They made such a passionate and complex couple in Netflix's Daredevil.

Rage and Serenity

This illustration was inspired by The Wolverine, and the relationship between Logan and Mariko Yashida The title refers to a line in X-men First Class spoken by Charles Xavier as a way to bring balance to Magneto's powers. Here I make the connection between the two, the duality of rage and serenity,

St. Matthew

This illustration, and the one below, are inspired by my love of medieval art. This illustration reflects the constant internal struggle of Matt Murdock and the duality of his persona. 

The Heart of Shou-Lao

I loved Netflix's Iron Fist and was inspired by Danny Rand's spiritual journey and his connection with the dragon, Shou-Lao. 

Are You My Phantom? - David Haller

FX's Legion was, without a doubt, phenomenal television with its surrealistic approach and philosophical musings. These are character studies I did inspired by the show.


James Mangold's Logan utterly ruined me, so I did a sketch trying to capture the abiding love and connection between Logan and X-24.


Tony Stark's story is a complex one, as he struggles with his inner demons. I wanted to express the point that Tony finds himself in Captain America Civil War and how his fears haunt and control him.

Celestial Bodies

The love story between Vision and Wanda was a small part of the films, but no less memorable. I wanted to express the deep and mysterious connection between the two.

Copyright Danielle Pajak Illustrations

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