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2013 - Present

These are client publication projects that I have worked on and help bring to print. They are also projects that I personally loved and connected with as an artist. Please enjoy looking through these images and I highly recommend these books for any fantasy and poetry enthusiasts in your life.

Chivalry's Children by Alexis P. Johnson

This exciting YA fantasy novel is one that is close to my heart. My cousin and I are like sisters, and this story is one that she worked on many years ago, and like the characters in the story, was part of our own coming of age story. So I was very excited to do the design and illustration work for this novel. Chivalry's Children is available on

The Symbol and Flag of Laudeland

This is a conceptualization of Johnson's idea of the flag of her country of Laudeland.

The Glass Eye - The Fingerprint of God - Heaven's Inferno - Map of Laudeland

In Chivalry's Children there are many fantastical and original ideas for weapons and armor, which we felt illustrations would be conducive in aiding the readers to visualize them. We also, of course, have the map of her country, which is an idyllic island off the coast of Britain.

The Drum Symbol by Alexis P. Johnson

This is Alexis Johnson's second novel and historical fiction about a young woman who is born of two worlds. Johnson comes from Lebanese heritage, so this one is very near and dear to her heart. I loved coming up with an unique design that would showcase her love for the culture and the power of community that it inspires. The Drum Symbol is available on

A Planet-Sized World Layered in the Brain by Brittany Ward

This is a collection of beautiful and evocative poetry by Brittany Ward. I am a huge fan of her poetry, as she uses astronomy and scientific concepts to showcase the deep and intimate landscape of the inner mind and heart. Please peruse the gallery above to see the images of this lovely book. Her book is also available on Amazon.

Astral Dendrites

These are of the two illustrations included in the book which are concepts of Brittany Ward's poems of the same name. 

A Billion Years Too Late
Nevermore: A Graphic Novel

A mini graphic novel based on the YouTube web series, The Sting Chronicles. (Please visit my Client's page to discover more about this original series!) Nevermore chronicles events of The Raven, the Poe-inian nemesis of Ethan Harper, aka The Sting, the superhero of Arizona. This dark tale unfolds the layers of disturbed psyche of this morose villain showing us why he became what he was and what was his ultimate fate. You can read it on

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